Customers' Testimonials (quotes):

E-mail from AHA, A Defense Integrator

As usual, you have done a fine job with the latest chassis that I.S.S. sent us. Michael Jacobs has added our devices to it and all is running well. Installation was a breeze. We are currently working around the clock preparing for a Feb. 11th sea test, so I apologize for not returning your phone call. At least the test is in Hawaii!

As always, you are correct! Go ahead and make the necessary adjustments to the chassis layout, per your drawing. It is absolutely okay with us, and makes perfect sense.
L.R. - Applied Hydro-Acoustics Research, Inc.

E-mail from HADCO Corporation
Thanks for your info. You provide such an excellent service, thank you very much. That order was a temporary, not the one I am planning for higher quantity. First I have to check out the prototypes, before upgrading all the systems.

E-mail from Pinebush Technology This morning I was finally able to take down the system and get the drive installed.  It appears to be operating just fine.  I would expect nothing less from you. Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to deploy the drive after you got it back to us so quickly.

E-mail from CASA (New Mexico) – Competitive bid Drum roll please!... The quote came in and he must have a pretty sharp pencil, but when you put the package together, the difference in prices is less than 3%. So, when do we party?!?.  I'll get Taylor working on this. Thanks for all your patience.

E-mail from Petroleum Information Corp.
…with I.S.S. Corporation I have always experienced fast, intelligent response to my questions, prompt delivery, and excellent follow-up.
S.B.–Senior Systems Administrator

E-mail from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Over the past three years our research group has purchased several disk drives and tape backup units from I.S.S. Corporation for use with our SUN workstations. Unlike other companies that we have dealt with in the past, I.S.S. Corporation takes the time to consider the system as a whole, and how the equipment will be integrated into the system… We are quite happy with the products, service, and support provided and look forward to future collaboration with I.S.S. Corporation.

E-mail from Pinebush Technologies, Inc. I’ve had very positive experience working with I.S.S. They seem determined to keep me satisfied. They offer competitive pricing, high quality components, an extremely well-informed and patient sales staff, a good support. Unlike many vendors I have dealt with, I.S.S. seems to put into practice the notion that making the customer happy is smart business.
B.L.– System and Network Administrator

E-mail from Bell Microproducts Just wanted to commend you  for doing a  great job in providing high quality subsystem solutions to our customers in very timely and efficient manner. Particularly, we are impressed in how quickly you can build a multiple drive configuration in a single enclosure formatted for various UNIX flavors.

E-mail from John Hopkins University We have been buying disk drives from I.S.S. Corporation for about two years. So far we did not have any problems with them. Every order arrives on time, always the right configuration with proper documentation. We never lost any time due to the fault of the company. I have no experience with the technical support of the company because I never had to call them.

E-mail from Quadrant Engineering I had an extremely pleasant experience doing business with ISS. After weeks of struggling with HP to offer a data solution, I stumbled upon ISS who quickly provided me with one. Not only was ISS timely, but when my hard drive and DAT were damaged in shipping, ISS dealt with the entire claim hassle and supplied a brand new data system. I’ve already recommended ISS and have no reservations about doing do again.
R.P.– Research Engineer